Fluke Scopemeter screen capture / datalogger

Scopegrab is a Unix utility for capturing the screen of a Fluke ScopeMeter. It requires a cable to be connected between the serial port of the Unix machine, and the optical port of the ScopeMeter.

This software has been tested and verified using a Fluke 123 Industrial ScopeMeter with a bespoke IR cable.

Scopegrab can save the screen in one of two formats, either Postscript or X11 bitmap format. The Postscript output defines it's own BoundingBox allowing easy insertion into other documents. Samples of each output are shown below:

The Fluke ScopeMeter has an optically isolated serial port, and uses a pair of infrared LEDs to transmit and receive data. A suitable serial cable can be manufactured using a conventional DB9 plug at one end, and a small PCB with an IR transmitter and receiver at the other end of the cable.

The datasheet for the Fluke optical cable PM9080 specifies an IR wavelength of 800nm, yet the schematic in the service manual shows part number SFH409 which has a wavelength of 950nm. When assembling a custom interface it is recommended to use IR transmitters and photodiodes with a wavelength of 950nm.

In addition to capturing the screen, a new utility has been added to the archive that permits data logging. This records the discrete values displayed in the main and sub values for both channels. A typical screenshot of the data logger is shown below.

ScopeGrab was written in 2002, and released under the GPL.
You may download it here

Last update: 03 Jun 2017
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