Mt St Gwinear - August 2010

Stitched, four-shot panorama of Gwinear Flat

The start of the main summit trail

Heading up the main summit trail

There were several scenic pools and fresh snow

And lots of animal tracks running through the rocks

Most of the leaves were covered in furry frost

And some more

Some leaves had icicles hanging from them

There were some nice views on the way to the summit

Almost there...

Standing on the summit of Mt St Gwinear

Heading down the other side

More leaves with icicles

And some more

Looking up the valley over Gwinear Flat. I camped in the saddle at the top of the picture.

On Gwinear Flat

At the junction with the Alpine Walking Track

Looking East from Gwinear Flat

My campsite at the top of the valley. Snow depth was about 65cm.

I started to build an igloo...

But the snow was very dry, and wouldn't stick together

And I ran out of daylight, so I had to abandon my construction

In the morning, my tent was covered in a heavy frost

More frost on the tent