Mt Bogong - July 2010

I left Melbourne at 3am, arriving at the base of the mountain just after 7am.
Then after an eight hour slog up the staircase, I reached the summit cairn a little after 3pm.

The cloud started to roll in as I was setting up my tent.

I thought I was about to be swallowed, but it shrunk back and sat in the valley.

And I was able to get my tent setup without it becoming saturated.

My tent dug in just below the summit cairn.

Sunset at the summit of Mt Bogong.

Sunset from the summit of Mt Bogong, looking over Mt Buffalo.

A moonlit view from the summit, looking back down the pole line over Eskdale, with the cloud still hanging in the valley.

Pre-dawn view of the summit, looking West, as the moon sets behind Mt Buffalo, and the sun rises behind me.

My campsite on the summit of Mt Bogong, looking across to Hooker Plateau, with Mt Feathertop in the distance.

My campsite