AS10 Accelerometer Simulator

The AS10 accelerometer simulator is a multi-channel, electronic impulse generator capable of simulating two-wire constant current accelerometers.

The AS10 is a low-power, stand-alone device, and does not require batteries. The internal impulse generator is powered by the constant current signal from the recording equipment. Once connected to a suitable instrument, the AS10 immediately activates, and begins generating a continuous train of exponentially decaying impulses.

Since the AS10 accelerometer simulator provides a consistent, repeatable signal over a maximum of three channels, it is ideal for troubleshooting or for use as a reference signal source. It can be used as a field test generator to verify a recorder and cabling is functional without needing a range of expensive accelerometers. It does away with the noisy and expensive shaker table, since the signal is generated electronically rather than mechanically.


The AS10 can be customised during manufacture to produce a specific impulse. The amplitude, oscillation frequency, pulse length, and period between the impulses can be specified. The waveforms below demonstrate typical responses, and give an idea of how the shape and length of the pulse can be modified to suit individual requirements.


Input open circuit voltage: 12 to 30V DC
Output DC bias voltage: 9 to 11V DC
Minimum current required: 4mA
Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 20mm (excluding connectors)
Weight: 50grams
Environmental rating: IP54
Enclosure: Black ABS
Connectors: BNC

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Last update: 02 May 2008
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