Steven J. Merrifield


  • Electronic Engineer specialising in hardware design and embedded software development
  • Post-graduate honours degree (First class)
  • IPC certified Advanced PCB designer (CID+)
  • More than 25 years commerical experience - automotive, security, environmental, mining, aviation
  • Circuit design - Embedded systems, low-noise analog, RF, power, high-speed digital
  • PCB layout - BGA, HDI, RF, high speed, controlled impedance, flex (IPC standards compliant - CID+)
  • Project management, design for C/A-tick, RoHS and CE compliance, EN, FCC, AS/NZS compliance
  • FPGA development - Xilinx, MicroBlaze/PicoBlaze, Altera, Quartus/NIOS, Lattice
  • Linux kernel device drivers - x86, 68k, Coldfire, ARM, Xilinx
  • Linux application development - embedded, console, X11 GUI
  • Embedded assembly - PIC, Atmel, 8051, Motorola/Freescale
  • ANSI C, VHDL, Perl, Bash
  • DO-254/DO-178 design assurance
  • Historial product examples and publications

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